Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Been a while....

I guess I should just shut down this blog, right? I mean, I spend much more time informing the world of Zoe's doings on Facebook.
But I keep this because, well, it's a blog and that means its a place to talk about whatever I want, in this case, in relation to having a daughter that is blowing my mind.
Because she is 19 months and can count to three. She can also count to 10 if you accept the fact that she skips "4".
Oh, and she is picking out EVERY letter in the alphabet by sight! It's a little daunting, having a kid that is smarter than you.
But she is.
And she loves "Cickies". especially Chocolate Chip ones!
I will write more but I'm just gonna dump a handful of pics here and encourage all of you to come over to Facebook, be my and Beth's friend and then you sill see (and comment) on whatever pics we put there.
We're up in Sonoma with Beth's Aunt's family, her dad and Nana for Thanksgiving. It's our yearly sojourn. But it's even more special this time because Zoe's so much more fun.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Zoe Rocks

Liz Loved Green Day. It wasn't forced upon her, she just heard it, dug it and started dancing.
I've been wondering what kind of music Zoe would like. After all, we play EVERYTHING in this house.
You name it, it gets played.
There is one kind of music that she dances to every single time it's on.