Thursday, August 16, 2007

Too tired to write.

Ever have one of those day where you just don't want to write a damned thing? I think it's a combination Zoexhaustion and too much coffee. Brain. Not. Working. Thoughts not forming.
Okay, forget it. Here's some new pics of Zoe.

is it just me or does Zo look like some chick you would hit on in a roller derby in 1979 and if you pissed her off she would punch you in the throat? Treat me Right, indeed.

It's difficult to get pics of Zo laughing. Mainly because the camera isn't fast enough for the pics not to be blurry and the flash just won't cut it. Doesn't matter. Here's one of the laugher.

Nana sent Zoe a ton of Beany Babies. Remember Beany babies? Zoe has about 40 now. her favorite? The poodle. The POODLE! Well, better that than the chihuahua....

This is kewpie doll just being cute. Gotta love it.

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