Saturday, September 8, 2007

Finally. Some video for y'all

Well, it isn't much. Not very fancy. That's because for the first time I found a program that was actually easier to figure out on a pc than a mac. I know, I know, iMovie is supposed to be sooooo easy. Well, it was a bitch to figure out and it ATE space on my macbook. Pooor little macbook.

Here's Zo. eating and playing piano. Like a good little Lulu.


Susan Isaacs said...

I love Zoe's PDQ Bach addition to the end!

Aunt Julie said...


Anonymous said...

love it! Love it! G. Gail

Anonymous said...

Your Zoe is a cutie. I read a lot of your posts and you seem interested in other people, pets, things named Zoe.

I must confess that when my daughter was 15, she insisted on raising a pig for her agriculture class and she named it Zoe.

Also, a grandma's advice, now that your Zoe is entering her 6th month on this earth, I would put away that purple baby holder and let her "sink or swim" on sitting alone. My niece used that thing and her son was very slow at sitting, crawling, walking. Babies need freedom to roll around and try and fail until they sit up on their own. Please don't be offended by my advice. Jancd