Sunday, October 21, 2007

It's the Great Pumpkin, Zoe Mina!

Yesterday was pumpkin patch day. Beth had found this great pumpkin patch in Beverly Hills with a petting zoo, bouncies, pony rides and crochety, mean BH moms who hate you and your dog and everything that isn't theirs. Ah well, that's one great thing about not living in BH. Gimme the Ghetto over snobs anyday.
We packed up Huck (Because, despite what the mom whose child is scared of dogs said, this is a dog friendly place).
It was blistering hot. Kids were having tantrums. Literally. One girl was lying face down in the hay, pounding her feet and hands and screaming uncontrollably. even Huckleberry hated this kid. But he did his job, sitting still while she pet him through her tears.
It was a blast. We got our pumpkin. Beth will carve it today. I did it last time. It was a miserably frustrating experience, replete with yelling, cursing, crying and fights. Good times!
Actually, I am way more into the holiday spirit this year. I don't know why. Maybe it's Zo. That's got to be a part of it.
Maybe it's best explained by the young woman who stopped by our table at Swingers when we were all having breakfast before the pumpkin patch. She leaned over to smile at Zoe, while she was petting our dog, Beth was finishing up her eggs and I was sipping my coffee. The woman said, "What a nice family."
I couldn't agree more.

Here's Zo at the pumpkin patch.

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