Saturday, February 23, 2008

Everyday Zo-ings.

I had written this long and, I must say, interesting post, then I accidentally deleted it. So, screw that. Your loss. Trust me, it was pithy, funny, smart and erudite as well as tasty and obsequious.
Mama Lee is out fer a visitin'. Zozo is in heaven. The full on, full time play has resulted in 2 hour naps during the day. Just like when Nana was here. Ah, the bliss of a child sleeping.
We are back on that track and it's awesome. Seems like when its just me and Beth Zoe has less reason to sleep as long. This could be because we ignore her, leave her to her own devices and, generally, pretend that she isn't the burden we know that she is.
She does like her grandparents, though. Must have something to do with attention. Feh!
On the new foods tack: Homemade Butternut Squash has been a hit with the Zoester. As well as various chickens and veggies. Didn't think she would like zucchini, but cut into small bits and roasted she gobbled them down.
Last night I made chicken and zucchini fingers in a pretzel coating with a dipping sauce that was, basically, a splash of dijon mustard in a roue with a ton of cheddar cheese and milk. Zoe got a taste. Immediately her eyes bugged out and her finger pointed, or we should say, stretched out from her arm with such zeal we thought it might come off her socket. Obviously she had some more.
We are now 10+ months in with no sugar (I think she has tasted it thrice but no actual snack of her own) and Zo's doing great. I think we will be able to make it at least to the holidays.
Now that she has mastered crawling, she is the 20 pound cockroach. She's into everything. Mostly she loves the illuminated blue on/off button on the dvd player. Since this is the conduit or go-between from the satellite to the television, when it is "off" we can't see tv. The DVR still records but we see no picture. Then, after we figure out what she has done, we spend the next x minutes searching for THAT remote.
Good times!
Okay. As Marty DiBergy would say: enough of my yakkin'! Here are some pix!

This is a really cute top that Aunt Julie got me. It FINALLY fits! Mama got me the hat. Soon I will be able to toss it in the air in a glorious act of emancipation and womanhood! I'm gonna make it after all!

Remember Erin Sullivan? The mother of my future husband, the fair haired Leo? This is Leo's dad! He stopped by for a visit. Since we really loved knowing them when they lived here and then they moved without even consulting us, my dad says they are "dead to us". But I think he's just just kidding.

Someone handed me money. Do I really need to elaborate?

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