Thursday, June 19, 2008

Self awareness milestone

One of the games we like to play with Zoe is "where is?"
Where is your nose? She touches her nose.
Where is your hair? She reaches up to her head.
Where is Huck? Where is Mom? Where is...... you get it.

Today I tried something we hadn't done before.

"Zo? Where is Zoe?"
Long pause while she stares blankly at us. The eyes working, something going on in her head...and then...
She touches her cheek!

So, Zoe knows who Zoe is.
She's Zoe.
And she's AWARE!

And now: Zoe.

Cheesecake, anyone?

Chilling out on the changing table.

Zoe and Mom

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Erin Ash Sullivan said...

Your child, as I'm sure you know, is scary cute. And yes, I've RSS'd you, too! Keep on posting.