Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Zoe Lulu. Working Actress.

Zoe at the first call for State Farm.

For those of you who don't follow our doings on Facebook here's the skinny:
I got a call last week that Zoe had an audition for State Farm Insurance. I took her to the session and actually, for the first time, got to see what my daughter is like "in the room". She's a pro. Doesn't need me anywhere to charm the casting director.
All she had to do was sit in a chair, eat grapes and be cute.
Oh, boy was she.
So, sure enough she got a callback.
I met up with Beth at the casting office to find my daughter goofily running from man to man asking them to pick her up and let her read to them. She was charming everyone in the place.
I went in with her, but it could have been Beth or no one. Zoe is super independent and hyper cute.
It wasn't such a surprise when we got the call that Zoe was on "avail", in other words, a top choice for the spot. And I confirmed with her agent that, when they are casting little children like this, they always cast more than one because you can't be sure how a child is going to behave on the day. They have limited time with the kid because of labor laws and if they don't get the shot, they have a better chance with another kid.
They cast 4 for this commercial.
Zoe was one of them.
My daughter, on her 5th audition, just became a working actress.
I couldn't be more effing proud of her.
She's gonna have a blast. And make a little coin for her future.
Zoe Mina. Actress.
And so it begins.