Sunday, April 22, 2007

Devil child

Ah, the third week. A beautiful time. More recognition. More fun. And more screaming child who just won't sleep and won't tell anyone what the hell is wrong with her.

Zoe has reached that place where she shakes out her pacifier, then screams because she doesn't have it, then doesn't want it, then sleeps, then waits for you to go to sleep and then screams bloody murder.

Tomorrow she will end her third week on the earth and it's time to put some pics up.
Oh, yeah, she had her first REAL bath today. Since her umbilical finally came off, we can soak the girl. She loves the bath, boy. Calmly, happily soaking. Only when that super cold air blasted her damp body did she cry.

She's really a cool baby, y'know?

And a chip off her mother's block. Hoo boy, she's gonna be a drunkie.

Nana couldn't take it. She had to come down. Almost immediately. She flew down just for a couple days to hold baby Zoe and bake her broccoli casserole (of which recipe i now have, mwah ha ha ha!)

Beth's mom, Gail has been a godsend. Truly. Easy, helpful. And fun! And she has a complete reperatoire of cardiovasulary nightmare meals!

Oh, sure, you sleep now!


John said...

Babies are funny people. They are the only ones who really actually do work this hard to make life difficult AND expect you to wipe their butts for them. It's astonishing. It's a good thing they're so funny.

julie said...

Love your update. Zoe takes after her cousin Justin (and Jeremy, as a matter of fact) with her screaming....especially right after mom and dad fall asleep. It must be a Lulu trait!

Give her kisses from Chicago!

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