Monday, April 9, 2007

One week down.

This is spectacular. You know what? Having a baby in your forties is just that much better than having one when you are too young and too stupid to enjoy them. Sure, you have less energy and you looked better on no sleep, but now you just know so much more and care so much less about crap.
Even baby crap. (But, it's still barely smelly so, the best is yet to come.)
Zoe has been incredible. She sleeps a ton (no doubt due to the influx of pain meds her mother has to be on) and she eats like a Lulu/Goldberg. She's just sucking down mama's milk. Having a little trouble breast feeding, but I have a feeling she will latch on and get the hang of it soon.
And when she isn't sleeping, she isn't crying either. It's cool. She just opens her eyes and watches what's going on and takes it all in and when she does actually start to get fussy we just bust out the 5 S's from Dr. Karp's "Happiest Baby on the Block". Zoe LOVES to be on her side, but the crazy thing is when we do the (very) loud SHHHHHH. The White Noise that Karp recommends. She really does go into a trance, jolts out of her fuss and calms right down. Last time I tried it she went right back to sleep for another 2 hours. Crazy how that stuff works.

So today was a huge day for the Zoester. And Beth and me. The four of us, (Grandma Gail is with us this month) had to take her out to her first pediatrician visit. We love this pediatrician office. It's like what you would expect from a peds, cute pics, lots of stuffed animals, fish, the works, but the docs are terrif.
We met Dr. Nagle about 2 weeks ago and decided we had to go with him. Didn't matter that he was going out of town for Passover and might not be around for Zoe's entrance. We loved him. He was gentle and genteel and supportive and fun. AND! As soon as we told him about Liz and the CF scare, he decided to order a blood test that is the earliest test you can do before the sweat test. When we were leaving Beth saw him holding our file and emailing the rest of the pediatricians in the office with the information. Not only did he promise, but he followed through with that promise. Immediately.
Since he was out of town, Dr. Friedman was the first to come to the hospital. The spitting iamge of my grandfather, Dr. Friedman was the kind of doc whose bedside manner was just what you want: dismissive of hooey, supportive of new moms, quick with answers, oh, dang, too bad he is retiring at the end of May...
But then we met Dr. Crosby and she was just as great. And she was the one who saw Zoe today at the first office visit.
The blood test came back great. Really doesn't look like Zoe has CF. Said that her color was great, everything was perfect. The crazy thing was that, even though we kept hearing other infants wailing throughout the halls, Zoe-bee was quiet as a titmouse. She watched Dr.Crosby as she probed and prodded and never shed a tear. After the visit, blam she was out again.
Milestone down. Great day. Here are some pics. Don't worry, we'll take more.

We like to believe the smile is more than just gas

Zoe is greek for "gadgethead". Did you know that?

No, no, FrankenJew. Don't eat the baby!

Momma gets the hang of shutting up the cryer.

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adriana said...

Oh my god, did you actually get the dream baby who doesn't cry much? You are sooooo blessed.

Can you explain to us why after the genetic testing the still need to do tests for CF? Didn't they determine she is only a carrier? I want to understand.

Is Beth recovering alright?

I love you guys.