Thursday, January 24, 2008

Hi again.

Zoe's having a great 2008.

She has completely eschewed crawling in favor of standing, holding on and cruising. You can't put her down on the ground without forcing her to bend her legs so she can sit. Won't sit. Not having it.

Her bottom teeth came in around Thanksgiving and since then...nothing.

It's her attitude we are all noticing of late.

Rather than take on the genteel, sweet, calm, centered quietude of her mother, Zoe has taken a shine to her dad's histrionics and tendency to shout like an old man wearing headphones.
So, if you are visiting and you notice her point her finger at the dog and shout nonsensical blah blahs that are filled with vitriol and self righteous indignation, you know where she is getting it from.

The reading thing is also getting spooky. Zo prefers to hold a book exactly as though she is reading from it and babble loudly as though she gets the concept that you look at these things and make noise. It's uncanny.

Beth got a year long membership to the zoo and has taken the Zobag twice. I have yet to get over there. Zo is not impressed yet.

What else? Anything? I'm tired and in a weird fogheaded bubble.

Enjoy the pics.

Ready to go.

Okay, the story was good, the end was bogus.

Who draws these maps????

The true face of "Cloverfield"!


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