Thursday, January 24, 2008

Holiday Clarification

Our trip to Cincinnati in and of itself was terrific. Not bad at all. Love the family. Love the time spent. The grandparents, the nephews, etc, all are the best.

However. In ranking of great holidays, wherein we include marriage proposals and great performances, etc, this one came with tons of chaos.

Due to circumstances out of my control an entire portion of our trip was prevented. This caused us to be interlopers where we had promised we wouldn't be. No matter how you slice it, if someone says they're coming for 5 days and they stay for 14, that's not good.
For the first time I was knocked out with bronchitis toward the end of the trip.
I spent the entire time on painkillers of some kind because of my leg.
I never got to do anything or go anywhere because of said leg issue. Which meant that I was just a blob, sitting around.
My daughter, who had appeared to be such a perfect little traveler, was a caustic, screaming nightmare on the plane that I spent much of the flight in the bathroom with her so she wouldn't scream and wake up ALL the other passengers.
When we got home our dog had turned into some crazed, codependent child who couldn't be left alone for more than three days. He would sulk the whole trip and our breeder told us that he shouldn't be left alone for so long, nor should he ever be flown in cargo, leaving us with a huge dillemma about what to do regarding Huck.
He didn't come back to his normal self for about three days

I regret anything I wrote that made it seem like we didn't have a good time. We did. We had a wonderful time.
Our own situation caused us a lot of pain and it was frustrating.

Can you understand what I mean?

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