Tuesday, April 1, 2008

A Year

Zoe turns a Year today. April 2nd. Wow.

I know I haven't written much here. Truth is, so much has been going on I just plain got lazy with it.
So, here's the skinny: It looks like Zo's an inch or two away from walking. Seriously. She's holding on to the back of her train and using it as walker. Her new nanny, Michelle, has been encouraging this. Oh, yeah! We got Zo a Nanny. So Beth could get schoolwork done and I could get writing and other things done. So, I have done almost nothing and Beth hasn't gotten any schoolwork done. We're still getting used to having the help. Zoe LOVES her! And she has been so great with ZoZo. She's a college frosh who answered our ad. She was the first one who did and she was the best. 
Anyways, she' just getting Zoe to do SO MUCH! and it's great.
Not much else, so I'm just gonna post a few pics. 

Here's the happy fam:
Easter ZoZo

Easter Huck

ZoZo's Dad, half a life ago...

Beth Lulu, Mrs. ArmadilloMan!

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