Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Walkin', yes indeed.

So, there's no doubt that we think Zoe is amazing. And why the hell not? After all, we're white and according to Stuff White People Like it's to be expected, right?
Well, thanks in no small part to her nanny, Michelle, Zoe has begun to walk. I think Beth and I sort of figured she would be early on this, given that she has been TRYING to stand up since she was 2.5 months. But, once she figured out crawling (Thanks, Nana!) it looked as though she would just settle into that for a while. She's a speedster on all fours.
Then there was Balloon. Her first balloon, given to her by the cashier at Ralph's. The helium had pretty much given out within two days but she loves it nonetheless. And Michelle held it just out of reach while Zoe was standing and, boom, she was off. She has been able to do one or two steps since her birthday. After the second, she would collapse on her butt and race to your lap like a cockroach. The ballon was all it took. 8 steps.
Then I was holding her bouncing ball and scooted myself back and she took another 8 to get to me and get her ball.
Cruising? That is so yesterday.
Zoe's a walkin'.

The T-Shirt says it all.
The t-shirt and the mullet, truly.

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