Sunday, May 25, 2008

Is Anybody out there?

I really have no idea who reads this. If anybody reads this besides the one or two who, thankfully, comment. I don't know if anyone cares or if I am pissing into the wind.
I am just going to keep plugging along and if you're out there, hope you enjoy watching my daughter grow up.

I don't consider myself a photographer. I know nothing about exposure or ISO's. I like to think that I, occasionally, have a good eye but, at best, I am an amateur with delusions of artistry.
That said, how fucking great is this picture?

Because it really captures Zoe at her best. At her most playful. I think I really got her. (And she got me.)

This is a kid at a get together. He's a camera ham. I think his parents shoot a ton of him. He was never hesitant to pose and wait for pics to be taken. So, it was actually kind of hard to get him in a candid moment. But I snuck up on him and Zozo and managed to get this. The amount of communication is sort of astounding when one considers that neither of them can speak yet.

On Saturday we ventured down to Garden Grove to the annual Strawberry Festival. It was really a free to enter carnival with Strawberries a very distant theme. But there were rides, oh, yes, plenty of rides.
Turns out, while Zosie may have inherited certain genes from me (eyes, fat, temper) she has inherited her mother's love of nausea-inducing rides.

And a healthy appetite for Strawberries. Can't get enough.

And corn dogs. CORN DOGS! Crikey. Battered meat on a stick. Yeah, go for it, Zo.


Anonymous said...

I read it!

And that is a great shot!

Redneckgoth said...

I read the posts as well. I must say that you have an amazingly beautiful daughter. Keep up the great work.

jay-fu said...

Great Photos!

We miss you guys!

Can't wait for our next get together.


Poists said...

Finally got caught up on your blog. Love the photos and YES he is a photo ham. We just aren't as good photographers so we do shoot tons of pics.