Monday, May 5, 2008

One Month month late....

Sitting here in a coffee shop, readying myself for an audition I found a couple minutes to update the blog.
So much has been happening and yet I haven't written. (Bad dad!)
So, you know that Zoe is walking. Yes. She toddles like an alcoholic epileptic and crashes on her padded bottom. It's a site, but she just gets right up and starts again.
The terrible twos (which are really about the second year) have officially begun. Gone is the sweet cherub who loves everyone and everything and, on occasion, she is replaced by a screaming, demanding devil child who hates the word "no". But, to her credit, even though we get those crocodile tears, she has learned NOT to pull the wire, NOT to push the buttons on the dvr, NOT to...well you get the idea.
She is infatuated with Balloons. Can't leave a store without one. MUST.PLAY.WITH.BALLOONS! It's an obsession. But we like balloons and so it is a compromise. Ballon, yes. Dangerous electrical cords, no.
Doc says Zozo is in the 20% for height and 30% for weight. Or maybe that's backwards. But not to worry. It's not a big deal. She's gonna drop weight as she gets more active (chasing balloons!) and given the legacy of Molly, Lee, Batya and Beth & Me, there really was never much of a shot that she would break 5'4" anyways. He thinks 5'3". I think that makes for a cute little monkey girl.
Beth has joined a bunch of mommy groups and lo and behold the Zoster has found a toy that she is fanatical about.
Here it is:

If she isn't moving then she is shouting and rocking back and forth to make it go! No doubt Beth and i can finally get in shape with this thing.
So, there ya go. That's a quick update. I gotta get in to the audition soon. Here's a shot that I snapped of Zozo the other day when we were off to Toys R Us to buy a (impossible to find) Wii.
How cool is this kid?

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