Monday, July 28, 2008

On the Beach

As summer vacation comes to an end we decided to finish it off with a sojourn to Venice Beach. Not to watch the freaks, but, rather, to actually hang on the shore, dip in the water and eat at C&O Pasta Trattoria.
How did Zoe fare at the ocean?
Undaunted. Fearless. Danger girl.
She also has a predilection toward Surfer dudes and skater boys. Things don't look that good for dad in about 14 years, do they?
There was a moment when it got a little scary as Zo sat on the beach, awaiting the surf, and got knocked down by a wave I misread as being smaller than it was. The site of my daughter, sumberged, water and sand covering her entire head and body was a little daunting but she recovered, blew her nose, sneezed and headed back in.
So much for fear of water.

Here is Zo's first day at the beach.

The kid loves the sand.

She races IN to the water.

Proud Papa and Danger Girl

Once she decided she liked it, we couldn't keep her out.

The kid with sand EVERYWHERE. Bliss.

Zoe and her new crush, cousin Aaron.

Tasting garlic rolls with Olive Tapenade

Stuffing her face full of Lobster Linguine

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