Friday, August 1, 2008

The Nicknames

Zoe has a ton of nicknames.
All of them are actually used. Daily. Some of them make sense. Many don't.
If you have one that you would like to add, let me know.
Here are the nicks:

Zoe Mina (Said together and fast)
ZoZo (Commonly used for Zoes)
Zoester (sadly, this one has stuck. Said incorrectly it's a herpe. So, punch the O.)
Zobag (Probably the most offensive and only used by me)
Zoeyoey (A favorite of Beth's)
Zingko (Both this and Ziggy are just because of the two syllabled Z sound.)
MinaMina (Her middle name squared)
Minamoo (Infrequent)
Chaya (Her hebrew name)
Chaya Batya (Both of her hebrew names)
ZoeMinaChayaBatyalism (Her full name turned into a disease)
Zogby (Because every kid should be named after a political poll)
Zobo (Aunt Allyson uses this one)
Zozilicious (She is, isn't she?)
Zosie (Used often early, less so now)
Zozovo (Another from Aunt Allyson. I like it for the similarity to Kosovo)
Pataytas (Because she is like a little sack of.....)
Potato Face (Her earliest non-name nick that has stuck)
Mogadishu (I honestly have no idea why I started calling her this. And yet, I keep doing it)

There ya go. The ZoeNicks.
What's YOUR favorite?

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