Tuesday, December 30, 2008

"I cry!"

Okay. The terrible twos are in full gear. Zoe is a ditto machine. A recorder. A sponge.
We made the mistake of letting her see some Christmas movies, figuring, "Hell, it's X-Mas, it's special time, let her watch Frosty, fer god's sake!"
Wow. What a can of worms that opened.
Zoe is addicted to Frosty as I may have mentioned before.
She wakes up and talks about "Fossy Sno-men."
Then she points to the stuffed Frosty we made the mistake of giving her, thinking it so adorable that a child who has no concept of snow would fall in love with a SNOW man.
Then, she toddles out of her room, points to the living room and says, "I watt (watch) Fossy?!"
And, of course, the holiday is over so our answer is, "No."
Then she cries, sometimes the tears are real, other times they are crocodile tears.
But they are always followed with the exclamation of:
"I cry! I cry...... I CRY!"
In a way that seems to be saying, "Don't you understand? I was crying and, therefore you should give me what I want, for I was crying. Tears were streaming from my face and they were tears of sadness, be they imaginary or real. See, I CRIED for Frosty, Dad, and you should let me watch. Otherwise you are a very very bad dad."

Master manipulator? or Whiner?

You decide.

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