Monday, December 29, 2008

Zoe's first haircut.

I haven't written much lately, I know. It's not that there hasn't been anything going on, there have been holiday parties and celebrations and dinners and events ad nauseam.
And it isn't that I post pretty regularly to facebook (seriously, people, get on facebook, it's sooooo much easier to keep up with people and self blogging is a
All that said, the reason I haven't posted too much here is that because of one person and a letter that I received.
I won't mention who that person is, because it would be embarrassing and I'm not here for that. Suffice to say it's someone whose opinion meant a lot to me. And that person seriously chided me for using the various mediums (YouTube, Blogger, Facebook) to report on my daughter. This person made it seem like it was an invasion to them and it made them feel like I was bragging about my kid and/or they felt inadequate about theirs. (Either their child or the fact that they don't bloviate about their kid the way I do.)
I was taken aback and it took me a while to realize....
I don't give a damn.
You don't like the show? Change the channel.
The lengths that some people will go to to control others or judge is astounding.
I recommend unsubscribing from this blog if you feel that reading about Zoe and her life is an imposition or overindulgent, self-aggrandizing ballyhoo.
So, here we go.

As you know, Zoe was born with hair that would make Sweeney Todd salivate. The thing about this stuff is, it keeps growing. Bangs in the eyes, hair in the face, it's unmanageable and hard to cut, for all of Zoe's energy and need to wiggle her head in the direction of the point of the scissors.

So we took her to Yellow Balloon, which is a barber shop in the valley that specializes in children. They have toys, tv's playing Kung Fu panda, pinball machines, balloons, it's quite festive. (Adults get their hair cut there, too. And when we went there were two men, both in their 40s that were getting their hair cut. That was scary in so many ways.)

Zoe approached the barber chair, oblivious to what was about to happen.

The odd thing was, once she got in the chair....She was remarkably co-operative. Just. Sat there.

She even seemed to enjoy watching herself in the mirror at times.

She did everything the barber asked and more.

And in the end, she ended up with a nice cut and some glitter. (We didn't ask for it and had we been we would have declined as it was close to naptime)

The thing about Zo's hair is the way it waves, when we brush it we can either bob it under like you see here or give her a Carol Brady flip. And you KNOW which I prefer.....;)

See ya in the New Year, folks!


Lele said...

We have a Zoe too, our life! She was born on October 5 2007. We do post a lot of pictures too, but I do the family updates usually via e-mail (my family is in Brazil). I just like to say your Zoe is beautiful and I am looking forward to my Zoe having as much hair as yours! We are in (now very cold) Indiana. And I do use this webtools to "brag" about my baby.

Allen L. said...

Awesome. Let us rejoice as Zoe's take over the planet!
What is your blog address?

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