Tuesday, June 12, 2007

focus on personality.

Not a helluva lot of stuff going on in naval gazing, Zoecentric life. She still rules all of her minions. We are still treating her like she is a fetus living outside of the womb. Which means 4 am feedings. Yawwnnnnnn..
Today and about three days ago she was inconsolable. Sreaming. Bloody murder. A screaming mimi. The only thing that placated her was to let her do her standing thing. But she uses stomach muscles for that. So, clenching her stomach to stand, she tosses her lunch. Or dinner. Or dinner 2. We are covered in it.


While I wait to figger out iMovie y'all will just have to deal with some photos.

Remember how we told you that she is obsessed with monkeys? Here she is staring at the on on her bouncy seat.

But then she realized we were taking her picture and she is taken aback.

But if you want to swaddle your kid and you don't have a blanket handy, well, here's our new concept.
Works like a charm. And gets her ready for those beer swillin' summer afternoons that await....


adriana said...

Your kid is already hilarious. I love it.

Susan Isaacs said...

I still can't believe she has so much hair. I didn't have that much hair on my head until I was six years old. She's gonna be a Breck Girl.