Sunday, June 24, 2007

the true face of evil

Oh, man......exhaustion has crept in. Crept...forced, broken down walls and beaten us to a bloody pulp.
I was going to take Zo out to Amoeba and the market but, when she finally fell asleep I just decided to leave her in the swing and graba cup of coffee and catch up on my reading. I'm back one day and already back into the swing.
Zo's doing the inconsolable dance, all parents know it. Nothing makes her happy and she screams and blows until, whammo, she crashes.
Ok, fine. You wanna be that way?
Then I will post your true, canderian demon self.

Truth is, this is the first few minutes I had with Zo when I got home. It almost seems like she recognized me. But as far as she's concerned it might as well be the return of her first friend, Gloppy the Placenta.


Rodrigo said...

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Toby said...

Hey---that's what I was gonna say!

Don't worry---some babies are just born evil and it can't be helped. Don't take it out on yourselves. You're doing everything right. (I know because I saw that picture of you feeding her, and I can't stress enough to you how really important that is.) Well done!

The good news is, babies usually grow out of their evil stages by about, oh I dunno, age 42 or so.

Hang in there. Somewhere there is joy.