Thursday, June 28, 2007

Sing....sing a song....

So, here's something new.
Last night I gave Zoe a bath. I like to put music on when we do this. Heck, I like to have music on pretty much whenever she's around. This time it was a bunch of old Big Daddy tunes and I knew most of the words and on came a couple of fun, upbeat songs.
So, I started singing to Zo and the next thing I know, she is moving her mouth and, it looks like, she's imitating me. She was enraptured by this. It was pretty cool, to say the least.
Beth caught a nice shot of it.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Daddy & Mommy darling little Zoe is one very special "madila", she really is exceptional and so very, very beautiful.

Can hardly wait for her to be with us up here in Sacramento during the Thanksgiving holiday and she
will probably be walking or running by then.
Hugs, Gloria & Jerry