Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Crazy Legs

Zoe's new thing is all about her legs. Chunky thighs over here isn't just kicking like a spastic soccer player with tourette's. I accidentally showed her what it's like to stand up. Now, this bow legged leprechaun cannot be soothed by anything except standing. I will try to post some of the dancing video but I have to warn y'all, when I do post it, it borders on child abuse.
Right now we love to play Mika for her. She digs it and it's fun to dance to and easy to sing. Zo is transfixed when someone sings to her.
Until I get some video up (and since I can't link to mp3's cuz I am a moron....anyone want to show me how?) here is the song, "Big Girls (you are beautiful), as uploaded to YouTube by someone. It's just the music and the album cover. But Zoe loves it.

Gotta go, it's time to play her favorite game: Get me my pacifier, idiot! You know! The one I just spit out!

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