Monday, May 28, 2007

Zoe enters geekdom. Whether she likes it or not.

Do you think Zoe will laugh at this picture when she is older or be embarrassed long after I am gone? Or will she wonder, why is my dad sucking a pacifier? Oblivious to the Darths that surround us. (Darth...I still think it's a great name for a boy)

Happy Birthday to Allen! As the world takes the day off to help me celebrate Kristen and Vinny stopped by to give us a pair of media passes to the Star Wars 30th anniversary convention. So, Beth and I loaded our little jawa and headed over to the Staples Center, which is about 8 minutes away. Had we known that we would have either become basketball fans or gone to more concerts. Who knew? Ah well.
The con was fun, but a little strange, since it was the last day that we were able to go it was a little sparse but such a concentration of Star Wars in one place. It's like too much curry in your hummus. Overwhelming. I haven't been to a show specific convention since I was 10 and when to the 10th anniversary Star Trek convention. Of course that was 31 years ago. We were just hearing whispers about a little movie called Star Wars. We had no idea that it would change our lives. I can still hear the gasp of the girl in the row behind me when the screen wiped upward when Luke and Obi Wan picked up a damaged c-3P0. She thought the wipe represented his being sliced in half. We thought she was a fool. Looking back, she was 14 and the guy she was with was comforting her. By wrapping his arm around her and shoving his tongue down her throat. But, what did we know? I thought Luke would get the girl and was angry when my mother's 36 year old friend was hot for Han.
That was down the shore. Shipbottom New Jersey. I rode my bike to the strip mall where the big theater was to see the movie 9 times that summer. Once a week. I was 12. I went by myself. 5 miles away. Times were different. Maybe not, but parents were. The only other theater was closer, yes, but showed Smokey and the Bandit all sumemr. Maybe it wasn't such a bad year after all.

Zoe and the con after the jump.


Psst, Zoe. This could very well be a relative. Probably on the Goldberg side. From Poland. Or somewhere in eastern Europe. Look for Bagels and Schmears.


My favorite Stormtrooper

My wife's favorite Stormtroopers


Finally replaced my Watto. Because nothing says "SCI-FI!" like a Blue Flying Interstellar Space Jew Junk Salesman!

These were cool. The "concept" Droids based on the original Ralph McQuarrie drawings. I think they go well in the kitchen.

Right next to the Homestar Runner dudes.

Rock on!


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