Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Zoe is a dog.

It was bound to happen. I have often said, um, not said, actually, pontificated, that if a name one wants to use for a child has already been co-opted by dog owners, then that name should be retired for humans. Names like Molly, Sadie, Rex. These are dog names.

Then I googled Zoe Lulu.

And this is what I got.

So, now I have to shut my mouth. I have named my daughter after a dog. My daughter the terrier.

More shots of Zoe after the jump.



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Anonymous said...

Okay, I just had to crank up the world's rustiest computer (the hamster on the wheel inside is getting on in years) to comment on how freakin' *CUTE* this baby is!! Better than that (because we don't want her to grow up thinking she's only valued for her looks) she's obviously a woman of strength. I think she'll be incredibly funny, too---I can see it in her eyes. Well, no matter how hard she ever tries to avoid it, I'm afraid it's in her genes....
But I need to address the dog-name issue. You see, I, too, have suffered and crawled and scraped through this hard life with the name of a canine (though I'm more of a chocolate lab than a Yorkie) but Zoe can console herself with this: At least hers is a FEMALE dog name!!!! Not that I'm bitter, you understand.
PS---I'm so enchanted by Zoe....wish she were closer so I could nuzzle her...(ooh, was that a dog reference? Didn't mean that. Snoggle her. There.)
Oh and PS again---so great to see your Mom, Allen, looking so happy and healthy!! Hi, Lee!!