Friday, May 18, 2007

Zoe and the Blue Monkey

Ever have one of those days when the lack of sleep from caring for an infant finally catches up to you and you find yourself just, really, a walking zombie, motored by Wild Blueberry flavored Green Mountain Coffee?

Yeah, me too.

So, Aunt Julie requested some new pics of Zoe. She sends us shots of her kids via blackberry everyday. Trouble with the BB, is the camera kind of sucks. So the pics are all framed poorly and out of focus. (Get a real camera, Aunt Julie!). I decided to make a little video so everyone can see what Zoe looks like now. Then I accidentally deleted the entire project because I have baby brain. Instead, I decided just to put up some footage. No bells, no whistles. No music, even. And that's a rarity for me, you know that.

Zoe is in love with a toy on her gym. He's a blue monkey that hangs down and holds a bunch of bananas. Perhaps it's because she favors that side to turn her head or maybe she really prefers Blue Monkey. I like to think it's the latter, since she wants nothing to do with "Pineapple Guy".

Here is Zoe and her obsession: The Blue Monkey.
Don't pay attention to what the screen says. It's just a YouTube glitch

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adriana said...

I think my heart just melted into goo seeing Huck get all adorable with Zoe. aaaaahhhhhhhhhhh