Friday, May 25, 2007


Today Zoe and Dad gave mom a break. Not too easy with a 2 month old, after all, there are places you can't go to (Baby stores, any store with children....etc) because she hasn't had her shots yet. But, those are coming in about 5 or six days.
So, off we went to the Farmer's Market. Had to pick up some eggs and some sundries at Sur La Table. Making cookies for a friend's birthday tomorrow. Chocolate Chubbies! I can't wait for Zoe to be able to help me make those in the kitch.
So, we hit the market and were almost immediately hit with the words that make my skin crawl and my hackles raise.
Woman behind the counter at Sur La Table: So, where's Mom?
I don't blame her. I blame my own gender for refusing to take part in all the little things that come with babies: Diapers, feedings, etc. Every father that says something like "Poopy diapers make me gag..." or "Feeding is a mom's job" I want to punch in the face. I used to feel bad for them because they are missing out on the best times with their kid, amazing "bonding" times, but now I'm just mad because everywhere I go there is someone wondering how I can be out alone with the baby. Like, "Here comes dumbass dad, hope he doesn't kill the kid...."
Oh, it gets me!

I dressed up Zoe is a really cute "Going Out" outfit and we hit the stores. Picked up the eggs, the pecans and went to the park area by the water show at the Grove.
Zoe got fed. (I LOVE those cannisters that have 4 compartments and an opening perfect for a bottle)
She got burped.
Another father with his 7 month old who was also soloing saw me and we had a nice chat about our kids from across the quad.
Zoe got changed. Nothing is funnier than changing a poopy diaper next to three "sex and the city" wannabes in their Prada sunglasses and bejeweled telephones and their Nordstrom bags. I swear one of them almost gagged at the sight of Zoe Stew. Thanks Zoester!
Then up to Barnes and Noble to shop for books I will buy cheaper on Amazon and home.

Zo's about to wake up from her nap, so, I gotta run.

Some great shots of her after the jump.

Zoe and I read our first book together: Crunch Munch.
With illustrations by the younger brother of a woman I went to High School with. Awesome pictures, Michael Rex!

Stylish in pink!

Happy to be home

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