Saturday, September 22, 2007

Chaya Batya

Last weekend we had the Rabbi and a couple dozen of our friends over for some nosh, some drink and Zoe's official Hebrew Naming Ceremony.
There were a lot of people who couldn't make it. So, here is some video for you.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Finally. Some video for y'all

Well, it isn't much. Not very fancy. That's because for the first time I found a program that was actually easier to figure out on a pc than a mac. I know, I know, iMovie is supposed to be sooooo easy. Well, it was a bitch to figure out and it ATE space on my macbook. Pooor little macbook.

Here's Zo. eating and playing piano. Like a good little Lulu.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Zoe Lulu...circa 1880's

This came to me from a geneology site. Thought it was kinda inneresting.
Zoe were not the first. Cute shot of Zoe and mommy at the Beverly Hills playground after the story.

"Zoe Lulu Harmon was the wife of Capt William Harmon. She died in Miles City in 1895.

I found them and their three children in the 1880 Dakota Territory census- Ft. Abraham Lincoln, Burleigh Co.---Leo C, Milan,& William. Another son Joseph R is listed with his widowed father & brother Milan T in 1900 Custer Co census under misspelling William Harman. Leo was a clerk & banker (after being educated in Montreal) in Miles City during the panic and until 1900.

Zoe Lulu born about 1847 was daughter of Matilda Picotte Galpin also known as Eagle Woman- the only female Sioux chief.

Matilda was a signer of 1882 Standing Rock treaty. She was daughter of a Hunkpapa -Two Kettle union---Two Lance I and Rosy Light of Dawn. (Sitting Bull was Hunkpapa.) In North Dakota History Journal of Northern Plains it credits Zoe Lulu Harmon with having Sitting Bull's pipe.

Capt William Harmon b1835 Springfield, ME outlived Zoe Lulu and died in 1903 Milwaukee. He was Civil war vet 1st Minnesota volunteer infantry & obtained rank of Captain in regular army resigning in 1870. He owned the steamer "H.M. Rice". He then did government contract work in Dakota Territory. In 1882 Montana he established first permanent ranch in what would be Fallon County on east O'Fallon Creek. William, Zoe, & son Milan had land patents in Carter County-1892, 1894, 1905.

Sitting Bull visited Capt William Harmon at Bismarck while being "escorted" on the steamer General Sherman. The book "Campaign's General Custer in the Northwest and the Final Surrender of Sitting Bull" by Judson Elliott Walker details this in Chapter 4.

Charles Galpin was listed as Zoe Lulu's father in all but Leo Harmon's bio. He listed his grandparent as Picotte with French heritage. I believe him to be correct.

Matilda had a country marriage with Honore Picotte, American Fur Co. trader in Dakotas. I found only 2 children daughters Zoe Lulu & Louise. Father DeSmet is credited with telling Honore to go home to his white wife in St. Louis. (I did not find the citation for this)

Matilda then married Ft Abraham Lincoln clerk & Civil War veteran Charles Galpin. Matilda had 2 more daughters- Alma married Henry Parkin (clerk Ft Abraham Lincoln, store manager Standing Rock, trading post of Ft Yates, later owned Cannonball Ranch, territorial legislature, state senator); Lucy Annie married Charles Van Solen (town of Solen).

Charles & Matilda were frequent interpreters and part of Father Pierre DeSmet's 1868 peace commission. Charles died in 1869 and Matilda became the trader. It was unusual for a woman to be the trader. She was born in 1820 and died in 1888. She is credited as being a peace keeper.

The complete name of Zoe Lulu's mother was "Eagle Woman That All Look At". Her husband Charles Galpin called her Little Eagle. She was baptized Matilda. She was by all accounts very capable. Dakota PBS radio did a 3part series on her.

Zoe Lulu's brother Charles Francois Picotte was granted 640 ac outside of reservation for his assistance in treaty signing by US Govt. He bought additional 30 ac to get river access & it became the site of new territorial capital Yankton. It was first called Charlie's Town. He did die broke."

There ya go, Zo. Yer an Indian.