Saturday, June 28, 2008

Pinwheel Palace and trains

Beth took Zoe out for the afternoon while the workers are painting the house.
SOMEONE has to stay for them in case there is anything they need or a problem or something. (Not to sit around and play Rock Band all day....NOOOOOOOO....that wouldn't be cool. ;) )

Anyways. Off to Griffith Park where there is an old timey carousel and a toddler train and, well, a park. It's a nice place to visit IF your 1 year old daughter likes ponies and pony rides, but, really, what kid is into that stuff?

You can't see it from the pics but when she wasn't riding the train Zoe is holding on to the gate and screaming to get on. What a joyful little girl, huh?

When she was given a pinwheel she also discovered her shadow. She chased that all day.

Who needs ponies?

The Guest House Part 2

Remember this?

Well, now it looks like this:

That's better, no?
Kind of beachy, no? It's hot and I still have to do something about the grass. But, for the time being, lovely. Already had someone inquire about renting it. Too bad there's already someone in there.

Friday, June 27, 2008

The Guest House

We are finally getting the guest house painted.
It's been a long time coming, but the change is gonna come.
Beth's dad and her nephews, Tommy and Aaron are coming out in a few weeks to do the back yard. Decking, grass, drip system, trees, a little oasis in the back.
It seems a shame to have to stare at this the whole time.

Here is the front. The look of desiccation. The guest house is about 90 years old. It was built 10 years after our house, in 1922. The side door with the steps no doubt was access for the housekeeper, maid, slave, wife, husband, who knows? We had a toilet on the porch, that was for that person as well.
It is currently housing a sweet older church deacon and his 30-something son. They fell on hard times and have to live together in this...thing.
We inherited them with the house, they had been living there for 7 years before we bought it.
The inside needs a lot, A LOT of love but that would entail them leaving and, truth be told, if they go for the amount of time I need to make it nice, then they won't be back.
Most of what makes the inside so bad is their stuff. They have enough crap to fill a 1000 foot storage space and they are living in a 600 sq foot house. Do the math.

Anywho. It's getting the much needed and much deserved paint job.

This will be the view from Zoe's room and the kitchen.

I will post the new pics when the coats are done.

This will be dual posted in

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Self awareness milestone

One of the games we like to play with Zoe is "where is?"
Where is your nose? She touches her nose.
Where is your hair? She reaches up to her head.
Where is Huck? Where is Mom? Where is...... you get it.

Today I tried something we hadn't done before.

"Zo? Where is Zoe?"
Long pause while she stares blankly at us. The eyes working, something going on in her head...and then...
She touches her cheek!

So, Zoe knows who Zoe is.
She's Zoe.
And she's AWARE!

And now: Zoe.

Cheesecake, anyone?

Chilling out on the changing table.

Zoe and Mom

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Our cute, little Spawn.

Why do I think this is just the beginning?