Saturday, January 29, 2011

Zack Attack: Day 4 of the ICU

How would you react if the nurse in your newborn son's ICU told you upon arrival that morning that your baby boy's heart rate had dropped to a point so low that it was abnormally slow two times during the night and that each time the event lasted about 3 seconds before self-correcting?
Now, what would you say if they followed that up with, "But for all we know that happens to a lot of newborns. We just aren't monitoring them the way we are little Zachary."
Soooooo....nothing to worry about?



So, here we are. No more apnic episodes. No more tests. But he's still in the ICU. Still being watched because, well, those 4 events earlier in the week were pretty freaking frightening.

Today Beth was able to breast feed Zack and he took to it. He's been behaving like a normal baby for all intents and purposes. But we still won't have anything concrete til after the weekend. And no idea when he'll be coming home.

But in this case, no news is actually good news and our level of worry is starting to diminish.

But, please, Zack, breath, keep your freaking food down and stop with the heart slowing. You're making us nuts.


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Circle of Fifths said...

What's the rest of this story? I actually read your blog- looked at the pictures, not to promote myself, but because I thought Zack was cute. Then you stopped writing. I hope to find out what happened after January.

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